Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who Is Racist?


You've got to hand it to Bill Clinton. He really brought down the national debt. That was one of the few things I think he got right. I disagreed with him on nearly everything else and thought he was a vulgar person and beneath the dignity of the office of the President of the United States. Funny how no one called me a racist then.

George W. Bush got the Life Issues right, but the man was hopeless in building the bi-partisan rapport on a national level that characterized his governorship here in Texas. Can you stand the irony? Granted the cards were stacked against him in the national media and the Democrats exploited that very well. That said Bush simply did not take advantage of alternative media at any point in his presidency. In addition and much worse, in eight short years the man doubled the national debt from the Clinton era. A tax and spend Republican is an ugly beast. Did that make me a racist? No, they called me smart back then.


Under Barack Obama the debt has been doubled again in less than his first 100 days of power. I am not alone in raising a ruckus and protesting. Worse, he is the most radically Pro-Choice politician I've seen actually make it up the rungs of power. He really did vote against the Born Alive Act in Illinois. He really doesn't mind infants being killed on either side of the womb. I think he is wrong, profoundly and completely.

Now I'm a racist, and I'm not alone. Anyone who disagrees with our president is painted with the same brush. We're all a bunch of bigots if we stand on the other side of any issue from Obama.

Sure, I'll even grant that there are some who could care less about the politics and only see the color of the president's skin. I've not met any yet, but I've no doubt they are out there. There's plenty of obnoxious to go around, after all.

However, there is a strong push from the left attempting to stifle debate by throwing the race card. Granted, the latest was just an actress, but even the mainstream media has been smugly dismissing dissent with the implication that anyone in disagreement is a stupid, NASCAR-loving hick from the sticks. (Hey! I don't even follow NASCAR!)


I won't go so far as to say I'm not stupid. I've done some pretty dumb things: I even voted for Clinton that first time around. I plead my youth on that one. In fact, just this last week I grabbed up a hot skillet full of cornbread and blistered my hand. It doesn't get any more dumb-hick than that. I have my moments.

I also have my well thought out positions on issues. Disagree with me all you want, but if the best you can do is call me stupid or racist, it makes me wonder.

Who is the racist here?

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  1. First, I am a strong BHO supporter. Second, I am pro-choice. I think that it's pushing it to suggest that BHO wants to kill infants. My guess is that, like with any legislation, there were things that were untenable within the legislation as written, and because the media generally abhors nuance, the meme that you have suggested comes to fore.

    I don't think that the media had it in for Bush, when it needed to (the run-up to the invasion of Iraq). I would trade anything that you think the media did or didn't do for Bush, if the media had acted like they were in the pursuit of truth (as opposed to simply a story).

    I like deficits as much as the next one, but you have to remember that we are seeing the totality of the budget for the first time in what five years. The numbers for the two wars were not included until this budget. The real numbers were hidden from us for all of this time, and there is certainly shock, as there should be regarding costs.

    I am sad that the right did not dog Bush for his profligacy as they are doing to BHO for his efforts at trying simply to stave off the worst of the economic crisis.

    I think Garafolo went too far in her commentary on Countdown, though I am not willing to dismiss that there were indeed some who gathered on the 15th who cannot deal with the fact that a bi-racial black dude is the POTUS. I've lived in this country to long to dismiss that notion. But to suggest that the overwhelming majority of tea party folks were racist is both a lie and not useful to the debate that needs to be had about spending.