Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Random Takes

Jennifer is back at Conversion Diary!


The drought is not over, but there's been enough moisture for a bit of grass. I'm counting my blessings and mowing for the first time in two years today. I will be necessarily brief. I just wanted to point to a few interesting moments on the Internet this week.


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This podcast. Deborah became involved in Satanism. How did she get out again? She tried three times to come home to the Church. The third time, she happened to meet a nun who loved enough. Thank God for meek and determined nuns!


This guest blog post of mine at Forever, For Always, No Matter What 


This cautionary post for those of us out there evangelizing newly by Bill Kassell.

"Working in Christian music and Catholic radio, I’ve often had to ask myself how much of what I did was for the propagation of the faith and how much for my own ego." Great article for those of us newly evangelizing out there...


April 25, 2013

"It was O.K."


To this list, I would like to add a 7th: Socializing is more complicated for us. Finding a qualified babysitter or bringing our kids to an event is sometimes a challenge. Understand when we can't just sit and chat.


Happy Prom and Graduation Season!
"At least you get more sleep than during exam season!"--random Senior.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How does one become involved in Satanism?

And how does God get you out of it again? Tune in to tonight's Podcast and find out as we interview a convert from Satanism. 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central)

(click here to listen in tonight)

Our speaker will be featured at the Spiritual Warfare Conference in Ontario, California, May 3, 4, 5. Click here for details.

They have lost everything...

...must they also lose their spiritual home? I posted about the gift of love that is foster care as a guest on a new-to-me blog: Forever, For Always, No Matter What. Checkest thou it out!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chaos and Learning

School is canceled today. What fun! What chaos! Chaos is fun!

Well, not really, but I'm doing my best to tolerate it with good will and patience. We all are. We're replacing our windows today. Every room has been thrown into disorder as we've had to pull furniture away from the walls to make room for the guys doing the work. The winds are up and it is below freezing outside, too. Dust and cold are blowing in every time a window comes out. It's a real mess.

No kid likes to have chaos in his home, kids with Autism especially so. Simon's doing great. They are all doing great. The noise level is awful, what with the banging and clanging and whirring of various tools and the accompaniment of squeals from over-excited siblings.

At first Simon was giving voice to his characteristic Howl, the noise that says, "I've had enough! I'm drowning everything out until somebody fixes everything!" I had my back-up plan ready, bailing on the situation and taking him out of the maelstrom of noise and confusion to the relative peace and quiet of my mothers'. But first we had to get some stuff squared away and during the delay I noticed he was quieting. Soon his curiosity got the better of him and he began to watch the workers.

The distress soon settled into an intermittent pattern. Now, he's pacing and distracted, but he's coping. I'm proud of him. It may seem strange, but I have changed my mind about rescuing him.

Here's why: we all must learn. We learn best at the edge between the known and the unknown, between comfort and discomfort. Since my son has to learn to deal with a world that distresses him, I have for him today a mild distress for him to cut his teeth on.

If or when his tolerance and patience wanes, we'll clear out, but I don't see it happening any time soon. Whatever else happens, he is going to have a big, fat reward waiting for him at the end of it all. I'm thinking spaghetti for dinner, jumping on his trampoline, and a nice long bath are in store. Stress relief and an "atta boy" for my guy who's putting up with more than we can imagine and doing just fine.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Because it is Monday

...and there's plenty of bad advice and bad excuses wrapped up in this song. Do the exact opposite of this all day today and you should be okay-ish...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Piñata Day!

Sissy's namesake is coming up from San Antonio to celebrate her son's birthday. They happen to be birthday buddies, too. We're a few weeks late, but good things are always worth waiting for.

Dale, dale, dale.
No pierdas el tino.
Porque si lo pierdes.
Pierdes el camino.
Ya le diste una.
Ya le diste dos.
Ya le diste tres.
Y tu tiempo se acaba!

Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Must They Also Lose the Sacraments?

Hosted at Camp Patton this week!

An Appeal

I am in a bit of a rush today, trying to transform my copious notes on the need for Catholic foster families into a publishable form in various formats: a blog post, several guest blog posts, and articles for national Catholic family magazines. Therefore this 7 Quick Takes will be quick and dirty! Retweet me anyway! Help me spread the word!

Please read on and please help me spread the word. I am not shy. I write well. I interview well. Also pray that the article I'm writing gets picked up by a national publication. Oh, and yes, I will guest blog for you if you ask (if I don't ask you first).

The Mission

I am sparse on the blog lately because I have hit the road, the microphone, and the keyboard working with CPS to recruit foster families. Let me give you the briefest of brief reasons why I am recruiting people, especially Catholics, to consider foster care:

The largest group of practicing Christians in this country is Catholic. It stands to reason that this means a large portion of foster children will also be Catholic. Regardless of the stats, there are children in my community who have lost everything when their family fell apart, including access to the comfort of their beautiful religion. The more bold of them are complaining that their foster families are not taking them to any church or are refusing to take them to a Catholic Church. My heart breaks for all those children who ache for their spiritual home but who are too shy or traumatized by the loss of their actual home to say a word. My answer to that is to say it for them at every opportunity and to invite you, John and Jane Q. Public, to consider foster care.

I first discussed it here on my Podcast with Deeper Truth.

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Next I was interviewed by Stephanie Frausto on her Catholics in Action show on our local radio station KDJW 1360 AM this past Wednesday. It will be re aired on Saturday, April 20, from 5 to 6 p.m. Central and on Sunday, April 21, from 3 to 4 p.m. At those times, you can listen in here.

To be brief: I am on a mission here. Although several people at our local department hinted that they want me to apply for the upcoming vacancy in the paid position of a Faith Based Recruiter, my husband and I have elected to forgo that in order to have the freedom to be a bit more raw and real in our appeal. I am volunteering instead and will gladly work with the person they hire. I am writing articles, visiting churches, and going on the radio! Please help me spread the word?

The House Qualified!

Our house is now certified once again as a foster/adoptive home for our local agency. We will still have to finish the few odd jobs before our next child is placed with us, but the paperwork is finished! Finally! Thank you for all your prayers and thank you, God!

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

Things are Changing!

My parents are selling their home and purchasing a home to move onto our property. That way we can have my father settled in and “home” before he declines to the point where the move will only lead to confusion and fear. We have a few years before that, pray God. It will also lesson their financial and physical burden of caring for a home, as we will take over that.  We have the privilege to have the means to do this for them. As I’ve joked with them, they get to be our guinea pigs. “Andy’s parents are about 10 years behind you guys, so we get to make all our mistakes on you first!”

I’m letting you all know this so you can understand why there has been a break in the blogging. The move is coming in a few weeks and we’ve had to rearrange the goat yard and build new fences in order to accommodate the new building. They will have a nice yard and a great view of the chickens, the goats, and the kids playing.

Perspectives are Changing...

The neurologist who is helping my parents’ learn and cope with my father’s dementia has described a condition that begins in the late 30s. One of the signs of the disease process is a loss of the sense of smell and tone deafness. Both of these events happened before I was born. My father’s illness may have been affecting him my entire life.

I can not tell you, can not begin to tell you, how this changes my perspective on my childhood. It’s a game changer, I tell you. I feel a bit like Paul, the scales are off and my eyes are seeing a whole world.

Can't We Bury Our Dead First?

The bombing in Boston has already been turned into political fodder by the extreme Right and extreme Left. I know that I am facing chastisement for saying such a thing, but people have died, a city is traumatized. Can we not get along for a few days more or shall we let the bombers’ next intention, that of furthering division in America, be another notch in their bomb belt?

The Blog in Sweatpants and a Ponytail

I’m also sick with yet another fevery bug, so I’m keeping it brief today. Not only are the pretty pictures missing, I’m also not using my God given talent of humor to keep my readers reading. Sorry, folks. I hope you will be forgiving.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Because it is Monday...

...and I need a little inspiration. I'm feeling the stress, folks. Life is good, but it can be awfully hard to take.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Warm Up Your Wardrobe but Keep Your Cool" Podcast with Colleen Hammond

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Tonight's Garden of Holiness at Deeper Truth podcast featured Colleen Hammond the author of Dressing with Dignity. We heated things up by talking modesty and dignity and fashion. Colleen is a Catholic speaker, an award-winning writer, radio and television talk show host, educator, comedienne, and mother—all rolled into one!
Catholic Author and Speaker Colleen Hammond

Here are some of the links to the webpages and studies we mentioned:

"Women and Objectification" Huffington Post article:

Colleen Hammond's website and Pinterest link

You can have an opportunity to hear her live again soon! Colleen will be speaking at the IMH National Conference in Fredericksburg, Virginia, June 21 and 22, 2013.
Click here for more details:

Wifey Wednesday: How That Works

Though marriage predates Judaism or Christianity, it does not predate God. He created it as the means to bring forth the generations and to bring closer to Him the couples who enter into the state of it. Catholic thought refers to marriage as a Vocation, a life's work that will be the main conduit of Grace for your soul and sanctification.

It is a partnership, a calling, a cross. It is the best you can give and the blessings you will reap. Marriage is amazing. Transformative. Humbling.

Sometimes painfully so.

For example...

I've had to take on part time work to supplement our income. It's been fun and exciting. Too exciting. 

I got a bit carried away. One week of pushing the family limits of mom being away from home stretched to two three. Finally, we got up early to see each other, we caught our breath and caught up.

He listened. He thought. Then he pulled me up short and reminded me of a few facts of life, namely that I had put money above family, that needs are very different from wants, that it is far more precious to spend time with a family than money on a family.

I felt very silly. I blushed and stammered. I even tried to justify myself at first. Then I gave myself over to the truth of what he was saying, apologized, asked his forgiveness, asked His forgiveness, hauled myself off to Confession, and started again.

A little smaller. A little wiser. A little slower.

But definetly more thankful for the man I married than ever.

That's my guy!

P.S. If you email me, I'll tell you all about my new business venture and can even help you get started on your own! (Yeah, he laughed when I read that part out loud!)