Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wifey Wednesday: How That Works

Though marriage predates Judaism or Christianity, it does not predate God. He created it as the means to bring forth the generations and to bring closer to Him the couples who enter into the state of it. Catholic thought refers to marriage as a Vocation, a life's work that will be the main conduit of Grace for your soul and sanctification.

It is a partnership, a calling, a cross. It is the best you can give and the blessings you will reap. Marriage is amazing. Transformative. Humbling.

Sometimes painfully so.

For example...

I've had to take on part time work to supplement our income. It's been fun and exciting. Too exciting. 

I got a bit carried away. One week of pushing the family limits of mom being away from home stretched to two three. Finally, we got up early to see each other, we caught our breath and caught up.

He listened. He thought. Then he pulled me up short and reminded me of a few facts of life, namely that I had put money above family, that needs are very different from wants, that it is far more precious to spend time with a family than money on a family.

I felt very silly. I blushed and stammered. I even tried to justify myself at first. Then I gave myself over to the truth of what he was saying, apologized, asked his forgiveness, asked His forgiveness, hauled myself off to Confession, and started again.

A little smaller. A little wiser. A little slower.

But definetly more thankful for the man I married than ever.

That's my guy!

P.S. If you email me, I'll tell you all about my new business venture and can even help you get started on your own! (Yeah, he laughed when I read that part out loud!)


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  1. Good luck with the business venture and with keeping it in-line where it belongs. Sounds a bit like graduate school :)