Friday, June 19, 2009


Today you have said it for the first time. "Mommy." I am so proud of you, my big guy, my little man.

You give me so much more than words. You have taught me how ungrateful I have been. I became a mother, expecting so much. Each child's voice was music I knew I would hear as a matter of course.

Then God said, "Not yet. Not now. Wait."

For close to four years I have waited for you. I have longed for you to come out to play. Oh, my sweet boy, my love for you is so wrapped up in all the things I wait for.

Thank you for letting me see.

You are my blessing, like each breath, each moment, and day from each child is a blessing.

You show me how beautiful it is to be a Mommy. You show me what a gift each word, look, and sigh is. You amaze me.

I thank God for you, such a gift! I could not know this without you, my son!
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  1. That was beautiful! Thank you for the gift of life and the gift of poetry and prose!