Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thankfulness--A Mission to Africa

The third container has arrived and is on its way to Mvurwi, in the heart of Zimbabwe, where Brother Peter and his family and church will distribute it to the people in such desperate need there.

As the "Africa Box" section of my garage slowly accumulates more goods, I am so very thankful to have my portion of the wealth of this country to share. My husband and my family are of very modest means by American standards, but our wealth in material goods is that of kings in comparison to our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe. This weekend here in America sees the blessings of Thanksgiving juxtaposed by the material excess expressed in Black Friday. That seems an appropriate time for this third shipping container from America to finally rumble its way on a truck to head down the dusty roads outside of Hurare and into the bush.


Rice-----(2,200 packs)------99 boxes--------4,791.6 kg.

Beans -(1,300 packs)------216 boxes------11,198.0 kg.

Sugar --(300 packs) -------29 boxes -------2,310.0 kg.

Salt --------------------------------4 boxes.

Oats -------------------------------2 boxes.

Dry Milk -------------------------12 boxes

Lentils/Vegt.--------------------36 boxes

Noodles ---------------------------7 boxes

Can Goods ----------------------36 boxes

Dry Food -------------------------8 boxes

Peanut Butter -------------------1 box

Toothpaste/brushes/Floss---5 boxes

Toiletries ---------------------------3 boxes

Belts/Hats ------------------------8 boxes

Ties----------------------------------2 boxes

Clock -------------------------------1 box

School Supplies ----------------32 boxes

Books ------------------------------24 boxes

Toys --------------------------------45 boxes

Fabric ------------------------------35 boxes

Sewing Machine------------------3 boxes

Keyboard ---------------------------2 boxes

Tent-----------------------------------1 box

Copier -------------------------------1 box

Copier Ink --------------------------2 boxes

Beds/Cots -------------------------6 boxes

Office Supplies ------------------9 boxes

Chairs ------------------------------21boxes

Wheelchair-------------------------1 box

Walker-------------------------------1 box

Suitcase ---------------------------2 boxes

Tables ------------------------------5 boxes

Shower/sink ----------------------3 boxes

Coal ---------------------------------1 box

Hospital Clothes ---------------1 box

Linens/Sheets ------------------46 boxes

Kitchen Items ------------------12 boxes

Drum Stand -------------------- 1 box

Trumpet --------------------------1 box

DVD Player --------------------1 box

Hangers -------------------------2 boxes

Purses/bags ------------------25 boxes

Mail box ------------------------1 boxes

Sports Items ------------------3 boxes

Can Openers -----------------1 box

Shoes --------------------------126 boxes

Girl Clothes -------------------82 boxes

Boy Clothes ------------------53 boxes

Children Clothes -----------27 boxes

Men Clothes -----------------129 boxes

Ladies Clothes -------------233 boxes

Baby Items -----------------30 boxes

Trash cans ------------------2 boxes

Peter Ndamba's Ministry

This video was donated and put together shortly after the second container arrived. Before this year was out, God blessed the ministry with the ability to send out this third one. God is good. God is very good.

African Ministries International on the web

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