Saturday, July 17, 2010

The memorial dent...

If you've been wondering where we've been, the family has moved in and has been fixing up the ugly yellow trailer. The last three weeks have been busy with hammering, hollering, and hauling.

One little story from the house...the backdoor.

Trailers are funny things. When you move them from one site to another, they bend and flex just enough to make things interesting. Windows and doors leak until you seal them up again (more about the deluge in another post). The former owners hadn't wanted to mess with a backdoor and had at some point simply sealed it shut. We had to saw it out to replace it. My wonderfully handy husband got a new door in quickly, efficiently, and level-ly. The only problem is that the slightly tweaked trailer frame doesn't quite match the accurately level door frame. It's hard to shut that new back door. It takes quite a slam.

Well...since there's a trick to getting the backdoor to shut, my husband was explaining and demonstrating. Since I'm too smart for my own good, I was impatient and experimenting. I was fiddling with the lock at about the same instant my husband was demonstrating the way to slam the door. Somehow my left index finger got involved in the process. This led to a finger-shaped dent in the backdoor frame.

Just so you know, as long as the windows are open, the nearest neighbors can hear a good, loud bellow. Also, an aluminum door frame is not stronger than bone. Nothing was broken, just bent. Both the door and the finger work just fine.

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