Monday, August 16, 2010

Situation: Snack Smack

Sylvia drops her peanut butter cracker. Simon picks it up. Sylvia prematurely flips the Emergency Toddler Fit switch (she's two) and is too busy to see that her big brother is dutifully attempting to give the cracker back to its rightful owner.

The cracker crosses her line of sight. At about the same instant the noise of parents reassuring her that Simon is reuniting her with the precious snack food breaks through the frenzy.

Success! Cracker returned. Sylvia smiles and instantly flips off the Fit Switch.

"See?" Daddy says, reassuringly, "Simon is a good big brother. He is giving you back your cracker!" She looks sweetly at dad and brother. Say, "Thank you!" Daddy prompts helpfully.

"I want to hit him," she says pleasantly.

Elapsed time of incident: 5 milliseconds

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