Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Be careful what you read...

Reading this...

led me to read this...

which of course puts this next on the reread list...

and will cause me to watch this again.

All of this will lead me, once again, to irritate my friends with sharing the thoughts that we, too, got it all horribly wrong. Russia's Communism was merely the flipside to 20th Century Western Consumerism. Both Communism and Consumerism come out of the mistaken world view that we can create a Utopia merely by an act of the will: the collective will of Communism or the individual will of Consumerism. Just like Communist Russia, we Consumerists are bankrupting our economies and our moral structure. We simply have taken a little longer to fall apart. Unless we change, we will and probably soon. Our culture can not survive much longer enslaved to our whims. Since there is no self control, control will be imposed from without. It's inevitable. Nature, and human nature above all else, abhors a vacuum.

Like Solzhenitsyn, I know the answer to our problems lies in a renouncing of our materialistic philosophy. We have developed it, worshipped it, and danced with it since the Renaissance. It has left us empty. The Individual, when he looked up from his centuries' long dance, has found himself alone

and oh so lonely...

It is time to look God in the face again, and let Him answer the eternal question, "Who am I?" with "You are mine."


  1. What is it that you are going to watch again? There is only a blank spot in that portion of your post. Interesting lit choices. I have not read any of them. I agree that our society is headed toward a collapse.

    1. I think I've fixed it. Blogger is not my friend today and is demanding a lot of coddling and coaxing to be reconciled.

      On that last note, I sure hope we both are wrong, but as I've been told once or twice, I have a fine grasp of the obvious. You, too?

  2. Once again, you nail it. If you would be so kind as to crosspost to DTB, I'd be very happy.