Wednesday, June 27, 2012


If you are wondering why the sudden silence on the blog, my sister in law, Catherine, died suddenly and unexpectedly a week ago Sunday. We left for Virginia to be with my husband's parents shortly before Midnight that Monday and returned home yesterday.

I could have blogged about the trip and all of the experiences, as a good blogger probably would have, but all of it was too intense and personal for any of that. Some things are meant for family only, as I'm sure you will understand.

I am back and will be blogging regularly hereafter.

Meanwhile, tonight's show will be interesting, to say the least. I am doing my part for Deeper Truth's project on Revelations, specifically laying some groundwork for the finished product. We'll be looking at chapters 4 and 5 tonight. Feel free to join us at this link at 7 p.m. Eastern tonight.


  1. Prayers for the rest of Catherine.

  2. That is so kind of you, Aquinas, and very much appreciated. Thank you.