Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rite of Passage

We've got sicko kiddos over here and mom caught it, too. So, after the schoolwork was done, we took the afternoon off to watch movies. It gave the sick kids something to focus on while they drifted in and out, and it gave the healthier ones something quiet to do while mommy attempted to rest (ha!).
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Today's choice was Star Wars, Episode IV, the Star Wars that started it all. I was about my oldest girl's age when I first saw it and now it's her turn. Her summation?

Anna, "Well, the guy in black was playing and then the father guy..."
Daddy, "That's not Luke's father. That's his friend."
Anna, "The guy's father..."
Daddy, "It's kinda important, Anna. Ben is not his father."
Anna, "The guy that was the father guy, well he..."
*spoiler alert* Daddy, with pleading eyes and desperation, "That's not his father. Actually the guy in black is his father. Not that you know that yet, but still!"
Anna, pauses thoughtfully. "Well...that guy in black was playing and then the father guy," puzzled look at dad, "he put his hands down like this and that guy just kills him and he all disappeared. It was weird."
Daddy sighs.
Anna, "Why did he just die like that?"
"That was sad, huh."
Anna, "He could have played with him. He could have runned away. Why did he quit playing and die?"
Daddy, "Uh...I don't know."
How did those brave daddies of the 70s answer that one? Anyone?

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