Sunday, March 17, 2013

4 Quick and Weary Takes

What a week!

My mom had a cardiac emergency Tuesday morning and spent all day in the ER before they admitted her for an overnight stay. Her heart was beating too fast and out of rhythm. She responded really well to the medications, but they had to start her on a maintenance medicine and see how her heart responded to that. She's doing just fine, but you can just imagine what a scare that was.

We finished my kitchen floor!

I don't have a picture!

But that's the other reason things were so stressed. We stayed overnight at mom and dad's when some fumes from sealing the wood in the bathroom overwhelmed us. Mom had her emergency early that morning. Then dad was so scared that we decided another night's stay was in order. Then we stayed an extra night just because mom missed out on all the fun the night before. I am so happy to be home and I'm enjoying that floor. It was just underlayment ever since we ripped the carpet up six months ago.

Who sells kitchen carpet? Don't listen to those maniacs.
Please. Don't carpet your kitchen. High traffic over foods, water, oils. I've seen what lives under a kitchen carpet and you really don't want to know. I wish I didn't.

And a new Pope!

And what a Pope! He is already stirring things up and making his mark. From the moment of silence in Saint Peter's Square to riding the bus to pay his hotel bill, he's teaching us. He'll use words when necessary.

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