Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New Feminism

This came on my radar screen through a great site Faith and Family Live: the Magazine for Catholic Living.

Law Professor and Catholic mom talks about the New Feminism. Interestingly, she is very gentle in her brief treatment of the "old feminsim." That's one of the reasons I decided to share it. As you know, I felt a tremendous sense of being let down by feminism's view of my chosen roles. In this New Feminism I see woman valued for her unique contribution to the world. Have a listen.

Because the comments on the Youtube site show a woeful lack of study or even understanding of the terms involved, I have taken the liberty to include some of the documents referenced in the video.

Evangelium Vitae (English Translation)

Theology of the Body: This being a rather lengthy series of documents and lectures which will probably take centuries to unlock, another resource for study on this topic is Christopher West's works.

Deus Caritas Est (English Translation)

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