Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wifey Wednesday: Watch That Mouth! ...and links to helpful marriage links

My best advice for a solid marriage? Watch your mouth. By that I mean you should:

1. Be as polite to your spouse as you would to a customer at work
(be even more polite if you find yourself broke and/or fired frequently)
Good manners are the grease that keeps the heat out of social friction. You are subject to the most friction at home since home is where people are the closest--that's the best place to use your manners. Besides, shouldn't you treat the ones you love better than you treat strangers? It isn't a coincidence that the divorce rate was lower when courtesy was more common.
2. Never talk badly about your spouse to your family or friends

They don't love this person, you do. They don't get to temper their judgement by seeing how sweet he looks when he sleeps, so they're much slower to forgive. Don't blame them if they decide to despise him if you are constantly telling them to.

3. Pray when you're pissed.

That may sound crass, but maybe it'll help you to remember to do this. Pray for the best for your spouse when you are thinking your worst about him. Things will clear up much faster that way.

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