Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's not a big victory...

...but it's mine!

I actually sewed a dart into a pair of my son's new shorts today. Natural born Martins have no natural butt to keep pants and skirts from hitting the floor; belts are a necessary item in the Martin household. My youngest son, however, dislikes a belt almost as much as he loathes suspenders. Being that he's too big for the "slim" sizes and too small for the "regular," we've spent a lot of time pulling up pants around here and viewing the various tail end designs of pull-ups.

Not any more, though! I'm custom tailoring now! Look out Vogue!


  1. It is a great victory.

    My first sewing project was in home ec at school. I sewed a bag. The bag took me nearly half the school year to make because I was such a bad sewer.

    I remember when the teacher looked at the finish product she gave me a B for my grade. She added though that I really shouldn't ever try to make my own clothes. I think she made me determined with that comment to keep on trying.

    A dart is a good start. Next you can try a simple bag.

  2. How rude was that? I'm glad you didn't let it stop you.

    My learning to sew at an early age was thwarted by a desire to know "why" and "how" instead of just doing as I was told quietly. My constant barrage of questions was taken as a questioning of authority and the like, not as a need for information. I've now found a person who answers me, even if it's an "I'm not sure, let's find out."

    The dart was my first solo flight. Hopefully one of many!