Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An agony of the soul...

Rozanne and my young friends, please do not read any further.

My heart is breaking not only for the persecuted Christians of Iraq but for the heard hearted of the West. We who watch television to be entertained by images such as these during our nightly rounds through the channels, who hunger for the close up when the fictitious forensics team speculate not only who did it but exactly how, all for our grisly and perverse pleasures; we who have no more compassion left that television writers must have an animal killed senselessly in our fiction for us to even bat an eye!  We in the West are amazingly wealthy in material goods. Our most impoverished live better than kings ever did in our history, and yet we are so impoverished in our souls that we watch eagerly for the slaughter and splatter marks because we feel so little otherwise.

This is the precious face that will turn the channel for me, this little one will ensure I never let the horror of our entertainments ever again into my home. This is the face I see when you have your little jokes about the ignorance and intolerance of Christians or when you complain that the Church is full of sinners and so isn't good enough for you. I will chew on my tongue and swallow the outrage of this image of death at the hands of those who really do hate, as I politely and hopefully move a bit in my pew to make room for you. I sit in the hypocrite and sinners section myself, next to my own overblown pride!

Oh my Jesus, accept into the abode
of your most compassionate heart
the lives of those slain at your very altar!

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