Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An odd note to hit on a Wednesday morning

Moral relativism means, ultimately, there is no difference between good and evil. There is no objective standards from which to judge. The moral relativists who frighten me the most are the ones who lived through the horrors of the last century, who were alive when the concentration camps were emptied, who watched as the wall came down and who can still say that evil is merely a construct of the mind. The people of the Americas merely witnessed these crimes, so they are likely the next ones to be seduced by the lie. I tell you that down the road, I can see people taking power who will take advantage of the shallow thinkers the Information Age has produced. These will be the people who think that the fascists and communists of the last century were not a failed experiment, but merely an idea ahead of its time--because ultimately it is only one idea that drives them, that man is the ultimate end of man and there is nothing that transcends us. I feel it in my bones, what is coming, but I am not afraid. I know, in the end, Who wins. I only pray for the strength to endure.

From Cambodia

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