Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Watching way too many movies

We've got the flu and I'm watching an old Lassie movie. The dialogue is making me laugh until I cough...

"What do you think of Carol?"
"Well, she seems competent."

What a gal!

Now they're hunting a mountain lion and Lassie is actually tracking it and coming within sight of it. Again, what a gal!

Every dog I've ever seen in the presence of a mountain lion cowered in fear and urine on the porch trying valiantly to disappear between the cracks in the boards while simultaneously eating the front door.

Lassie, meanwhile, seems to have the psychic ability to communicate with big cats and is helping move the cougar's young to a new den under the watchful eye of the momma cat.

So much for realism.

Meanwhile I'll be back with a guest blogger when I've coughed up my other lung.

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