Friday, May 20, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

Jennifer Fulwiler
Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler, a fellow Texan, for hosting the 7 Quick Takes Friday 

Whenever I get irritated that my non-Catholic friends hold up The Church to a higher standard than any other institution on the planet, I take heart in the fact that instinctively, they are on the right track. I'll just leave that at that.

It's really hard to imagine that it's been a week since my last 7 Quick Takes. This week sped by. Maybe it is because I had my computer again and time got sucked into the vortex that is the Internet (even though the dog is trying to help with that). I really should spend less time on-line.

A very good reason to live in Amarillo, besides the neighborly bonding that seasonal droughts, tornadoes, and fires engenders, is living close enough to one of the major cross-country thoroughfares that people who are driving from point A to point B occasionally stop by your place for a meal. I was privileged to have such guests this week, Laura and her dad Quintin. I fed them tacos, beans, Spanish rice, and homemade guacamole (it needed salt). Laura bravely milked a goat, loudly chatted over the clamor of children, and vigorously leaned into the wind. I think she liked it here. Next time I'll take her to the Memorial Tree Museum and Shrine so she'll see that trees do indeed grow in the Panhandle.

The computer issues continued this week with the dog eating the cable connecting our computer to the satellite (we're too far off the grid for cable lines). It was readily remedied by a handy, dandy husband, thus negating any warranty work and/or guarantees of timely responses from the Internet Service Providers, yet saving us a service call, a week or so wait, and $100.

My dad came out yesterday to deliver a package I'd had delivered to his house because the dog has been chewing up deliveries here. (Labs are awful teethers, if you hadn't gathered that.) He came in the middle of a Very Bad Morning. Everything that could go wrong did. It was very nice to see him and know that there was a world outside my little house and all its little issues. It's also nice to have a witness to the pure and unadulterated fact that some days I simply get it all wrong. Keeps me humble that way.

I expect my upcoming week to be a considerable improvement on the last several weeks due to the simple and joyous fact that my Mystic Monk Coffee order has finally arrived. After swilling instant in the interim, I'm remembering how much I do, indeed, like coffee.

The rose I transplanted has a bloom. It is just as shockingly beautiful as any rose bloom, more so because it was so hoped for. When we moved from the old house to the Ugly Yellow Trailer the only thing I missed was that rose. While we waited for a buyer, I determined that I was going to transplant it. It was in a cramped location anyway and had no room for roots and I decided to risk the move. Life is good, no?


  1. The rose is gorgeous. I'm glad it transplanted for you!

  2. Thanks, Kathleen. I peek over at some of your music. Your voice is very much like that rose!