Friday, May 13, 2011

7 Quick Takes--The Griping Edition


How many entire days it takes to reload all the kids' software and educational malarkey onto a new computer.


The number of days it takes for Blogger to get it's act together, too. I was actually back on-line yesterday, but Blogger is run by the same software gremlins that I use, apparently.


The number of new cats we have. My children and my husband love cats. I see cats and think "kitty litter." It was just in the last 12 months that I stopped having 3 children in diapers. I guess the family thought I was needing a bit more excrement in my life. Yes, indeedy.


Just in case anyone is counting, that is the number of animals residing in the ugly yellow trailer.


Cats want to purr on me. They want to lay on me. They generally want to be around and adore me. I guess they appreciate not having to clean up after themselves. There is that.


This would be the number of people in the home that the cats are relatively indifferent towards. This is merely by comparison, you understand.


This is the number of people we have sharing space with the one dog and the three cats. The children chase the cats. The dog whimpers and cowers in the vicinity of the cats. The cats explode in the vicinity of the dog. My slashed toes bear witness to the fact that "vicinity" in 800 square feet means pretty much "everywhere."