Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm a Stylish Blogger!

I'd like to thank Therese, my favorite Aussie, over at the Aussie Coffee Shop for the nomination for this award. She is one of the sweetest and supportive bloggers out there! (other Stylish Blogger Award nominees)

Besides being a nice pat on the back, part of the purpose of these blog awards is to foster a sense of community among blog writers and to introduce our readers to some other worthwhile blogs, so in return, I am nominating some blogs I think you'd enjoy:

Adoro at Adoro te Devote
Ellen at Love that Max
Hallie at Betty Beguiles
and even though he is a guy among the gals in this list, Jeff at The Catholic Foodie

To fulfill the requirements of the award, I have to tell you seven random things about myself, so this is a bit like a 7 Quick Takes Friday post in lieu of my usual Monday fare.

1. I love coffee because the taste of creamy, sweet coffee belongs to memory and my grandfather. My Pawpaw used to reward me for extra good behavior with his "big people only" candy--coffee flavored nips. Every cup brings him back for a brief moment, and I still feel like a very good big girl whenever I hold my mug of joe. That's the way to start a morning, I tell you. Thanks, Pawpaw!

2. Although we've long known that my cousins, aunts and uncles all spell my Pawpaw's name as PaPa, my banch of the family tree is sticking to including the "w"s. My brother and I heard the "w"s in the heavy Texan accents of my cousins, so we've always written it that way. Even if everyone else thinks we're silly, it's our kind of silly.

3. I haven't worn contacts since my 20s because they are a little uncomfortable and my laziness out performs my vanity in the comfort department. I don't think it is a virtue either.

4. If I'm ever over at your house and skip dessert, it's not because I am a strong willed calorie counter, it's just that I don't have much of a sweet tooth. No virtues here, either.

5. I don't have one favorite color. Different colors catch my attention from day to day. My husband is the same way, so one of the discussions we frequently have is, "What was your favorite color today?" There's always a story attached to the day's favorite.

6. I like debate and I love clarity, but after a certain point of "here's where the line is drawn between us" I'm not going to stand on my side of it and shout. I can be very passionate about my beliefs as well as extremely saddened by what I consider someone else's serious and grievous errors and still coexist. That's what manners are for. More importantly, that's what prayer is for.

7. At the end of a demanding day, the last thing I want musically is a simple phrase repeatedly endlessly and ever more passionately. Modern music in my worn out ears sounds like yet another form of nagging and whining. I may be getting old, but I'm putting that radio in a time out!

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