Tuesday, November 1, 2011

5 Reasons We Are Unapologetically Celebrating Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow, Too!

I am among the first to yell, "Neopagan!" in a crowded sanctuary, so let me tell you I have looked at the myths surrounding Halloween. I have been sensitive to the ideas roaming around that roaming around at night in costume is somehow Satanic. I have come to the conclusion that taking three days to dress up, eat candy, carve pumpkins, and pretend to scare one another with spiders and "boo" noises is about as sinister as a Christmas tree in the living room. We won't touch the gore and ghouls, of course, unless you are talking martyrs, but it's official! The Martins are celebrating. Not only that, we are hitting Mass to pray and we're going to the cemetery to pray. We may even place flowers on our relatives' graves. How wicked! We will even pray for the repose of their souls. We are Catholic, after all!
Boo, ya'll!

Here are the 5 top reasons we are celebrating...

1 - The fact that people like you and me have achieved Heaven is reason to celebrate, indeed!

2 - We are Catholic. We celebrate holidays for weeks on end. Taking three days to celebrate the idea of people achieving Heaven seems understated.

3 - My kids dress up almost daily. They beg for candy even more often. Dressing up to ask for candy seems natural.

4 - Holidays garner silly rituals even faster than they develop serious ones. Carving a pumpkin is no less trivial and fun than decorating Easter eggs.

5 - It's my birthday and that's final.

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