Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tea Drink--London Fog

Real London Fog

I will be serving these simple teas tomorrow as a preliminary to Thanksgiving Dinner. I'm also going through quite a few during our Black Wednesday shenanigans--the pie crust and deviled egg marathon that presages Thanksgiving Thursday.

A Yummier Version of London Fog

London Fog (single serving)

6 oz boiling water
1 Earl Gray tea bag
2 Tbs cream (low fat milk works fine, too, especially if you scald it first)
1 Tbs sugar (or 6 drops of stevia for a sugar free alternative)
4 drops Vanilla extract
1 dash cinnamon

Steep the Earl Gray tea, add cream, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon and stir. Simple, yummy, fog lifting!

If you need a decaff version, you can easily decaffeinate any tea. Steep a bag of tea for two minutes, then discard that caffeinated tea. Immediately steep the bag in another cup of boiling water. This second steeping will give you a tea that is caffeine free!