Monday, November 7, 2011

The Wardrobe Project--Why I'm Late!

My family is temporarily in my parents' house as we get out newly relocated farmhouse ready for occupancy on our little acre of paradise in the country. We are in a big push to get the floors, heat, and plumbing all move-in ready. We had a hidden fireplace make its presence known by crashing through the ceiling in two rooms during the move and reattaching the house to a foundation has taken a month longer than we had planned.

Meanwhile, computer time is at a premium when seven people are competing for two workable keyboards. I haven't had access to do the level of research I feel is needed to complete the entries for the banana and apple shapes, but they are in progress! I will keep you all updated. I'm so sorry to make you wait!

Meanwhile, I did find time to go shopping for these....
My husband found them actually. 60% off. My size. My color. Now all I have to do is relearn how to walk. I've never worn heels this high. Ever. I have to learn to dance in these!

Sure hope the explanation and the little fashion teaser helps ease the wait.

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