Friday, November 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes--Tah Dah!

Jennifer Fulwiler
Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler, a fellow Texan, for hosting
7 Quick Takes Friday 

1 Friday is almost done, but I have just enough time to squeeze these in under the wire. It still counts if California and Hawaii are on Friday, right?

2 We are still living in temporary quarters, but I've been getting my kitchen and bedrooms together with the help of very good friends. Good friends help you move. Very good friends help you renovate.

3 We have celebrated two birthdays since we've moved in with my parents. My mother's birthday is next. For her present I'd like to give her her house back.

4 As I've started unpacking the boxes we packed up at the end of a brutal summer, I keep expecting to be hit with a hot blast of packaged air. It was such a miserable summer for us: record heat and no air conditioning in a metal trailer with the sun beating down on it. It is only two months since the last box was packed up, but now that fall weather is here, the memory has a surreal edge to it. Have you ever had  something very unpleasant to endure and you muddled along, then you look back and wonder how you managed? This summer was like that for us.

5 My oldest is loving his science program this year. The entire book is experiments. He runs one or two experiments each day. His latest discovery was that sound travels around corners but light does not. The other kids love helping him, especially when the experiment involves getting into a dark closet. 

6 This morning I forgot I was supposed to go to church. I was late. I'd also forgotten to turn off my phone. It rang. Today I'd also forgotten how bad I was at furniture assembly. I remember now. It took all afternoon to get everything wrong enough times to eliminate every other option except the correct one.

7 My 3 year old is at that stage where everything is a grand production. When she gets out of the van, she says, "Tah dah!" When she walks into the living room, she says, "Tah dah!" Lately, I'm so tired that any thing I manage to do feels like a grand production, so I am going to follow her good example and end this small production with a triumphal note. Hey, I worked on something other than the house today!

Tah Dah!

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