Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's not Right or Left--We will regret this

So, if you are perfectly happy with the HHS Mandate and the underlying idea that rights will no longer be inalienable but will now be granted by the government, that the majority will rule regardless of the minority conscience, will you be just as happy when a rabid Catholic like me gets elected, and he or she mandates, after swaying public opinion of course, that contraception is illegal and you must pay for mandatory chastity belts for the weaker willed? Fair is fair, you know.

This will come back to bite you personally eventually. Remember all the dire warnings you gave about Bush and the Patriot Act? Remember all the pshawing from the Right? Now they're starting to think YOU were right, even if they won't admit it.

People always forget that they are not always going to have their guys in power. You have four more years at most here. What will you do when this tide turns against you and your ideals?

My Conservative friends swear I'm a bleeding heart. My Liberal friends think I'm a rabid Republican. My principles are based on much, much higher things than politics. I am not even in the Center. I am Catholic; my politics are all personal.

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