Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes

I knew it!

1 We are finishing up our second round of colds for the season. This one came barely three weeks after the last one. I am hoping and praying this trend does not continue through the winter. At least this time we were all sick at about the same time, so we didn't have healthy people annoying the malingering people. We all managed to annoy each other while we were all too miserable to do anything about it. Not bad, all in all.

2 I can tell I am on the mend because my first reaction to sitting down to write was, "SEVEN?! Seriously, seven? Why can't it be Two Quick Takes? Why me?!" Crankiness is a sure sign of improvement. Yesterday, I'd have just managed to shoot the computer a dirty look.

"Will work for Legos"
3 My soon to be nine year old son's birthday is at the end of next month. He has taken the Lego catalog and planned out all his surprises. He carefully added up his wish list which prompted a, "We are not spending $652.93 on your birthday, son" speech. Plus tax.

4 This little interaction between my husband and my four year old daughter made my morning, though.
"Daddy, is Jesus dead?"
"No, baby, He is risen!"

5 I'm running out of steam here. I have no idea what to put on for number 5. Maybe it should be an announcement that I'll be out of town next week, so I'll have to write next week's 7 Quick Takes ahead of time. I sure hope 7 interesting (enough) things happen between now and then. Or maybe I shouldn't hope for that. "May you live in interesting times" is a curse, isn't it?

6 We have a Reader's Digest thief in the house. My second youngest squirrels away the little magazines almost as soon as they come in the door. I'm not sure what the fascination is as she is only five and can't read that well yet, but she has quite a horde in her room. I had to borrow from her stash when I ran out of reading materials this week.

7 Bless your heart, you hung out with me to the bitter end! I'm ending on a lame joke because it only hurts when I laugh.

A priest told the little kids they could come Trick-or-Treating at the rectory but they should dress up as one of the Saints.

So the kids arrive - here's a little boy dressed up as St. Anthony, St. Joseph, a little girl is St. Clare - and then there's this kid in a dog costume.

So Father asks "Where's your saint costume?"

The little boy replies: "I'm SAINT BERNARD!"

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