Saturday, October 13, 2012

7 Quickest Takes Ever

Simon, 7 years ago

1 It's quick because 7 years ago yesterday I was kissing this baby's face for the first time ever and we took the day off. I have some makeup work to do.

2 We had this for lunch because it is so good. We substituted cornflake crumbs for instant mashed potatoes and they turned out great.

3 Who knew that mayo had soy in it? Why, for Heaven's sake?

"Homemade Mayo is easy," they said. "You'll love it," they said.

4 So we've also redone this humbling mayo recipe and I forgot how humid it was today. I also forgot to warm the eggs, so it didn't turn out fluffy. It was wet. Still worked though.

5 Why care about soy? My youngest, as it turns out, is not allergic to wheat as we suspected, but soy. I'm changing up my entire cooking routine, but this is just proof that you don't fool around with possible food allergies. Test, don't guess.

6 We have discovered that driving is driving us off the roadmap of the family budget. It is pushing $100 to fill up my family van, which we do three times a month. I have to cut that in half. Sadly, that means therapeutic horse lessons have to go, and if that doesn't do it, we'll be cutting the library and Eucharistic Adoration from a weekly visit to twice a month. If gas prices go up much more family trips to town will be on a Sundays only basis.

I am not bothering to complain just yet. It could be worse. My niece in California has a sensible gas sipper of a car. She paid over $100 for 29 gallons the other day. I'm just explaining myself to myself here.

7 Speaking of creative ways to rearrange the budget, we wanted to support our local Catholic radio station but had no extra money in the budget. While reading the newspaper the other morning it occurred to my husband and I that the paper was a luxury that could go.We decided to cancel the subscription and channel that little bit of money into a charity we wanted to support.

When money gets tight, like it is for all of us lately, it's time to set the mind loose. Get a budget so you know where your money is going, then get creative to find ways to make it go further.

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