Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes


Woke up Sunday morning to a shuddering, tooth-chattering husband. He'd been recuperating  from a cold and hadn't had a good week, but suddenly he was feverish and very sick. He wanted to wait and see but when he hit the 104 degree mark, I hit the fast forward button, called in a babysitter and took him to the clinic. He's back at work five days later and 8 pounds lighter. He got it from the barnyard. Those of you who work on a farm or are thinking about a hobby farm, never ever skimp on the hand washing and never EVER tromp beyond the doorway with your barn boots. I'm persnickety about such things, he's not been. After this week, though, he's converted. Trust me on this one, you don't want to learn by experience. 


Oh, what a week it has been. Not only was it tough, God hit me with a 2 x 4 to remind me that I must be diligent or my family will suffer. I let my thyroid prescription run out last weekend from carelessness. (You know the kind of carelessness that comes because you feel so much better, you think almighty you doesn't need to rely on that stinky ol' medicine anymore? Yeah, it was that prideful I-know-better kind of carelessness.) God sent me a week where I had to be on top of my game to pull off managing a sick as a dog husband, the first week back to homeschool, and several town runs, all while battling my body. It took an act of will to stay upright in a chair some moments. I wasn't about to let my poor, suffering husband suffer one iota more on account of my shortcomings (at least not this time), so with God's moment by moment help, I managed. And barely! Let that be a lesson to me. People I love need me to function; I'm not going to pull that again.


Speaking of God and goodness. Jennifer Fulwiler from Conversion Diary is home from the hospital and Kelly from The Careless Catholic has had her little Anna. Anna is tiny, precious and here a little early.

Prayers still coming from here in the Panhandle, ladies!


I have managed to bypass the dinosaur of a computer and can publish pictures again, so you'll be seeing more of the Martins...starting now...

I made this pie on Saturday for last Sunday's Epiphany party at my neighbors. I dink with the recipe, using cornstarch (at half the amount of flour called for) and goat milk to keep our various allergies happy. For the lucky ducks who can have the flour, I make a crust, but a crust is not necessary for this baby. I posted the Homesick Texan's pic the other day. Here's the Martin version and a picture of one of my helpers.

Sissy, the helper!
Simon helped, too, but his apron was a pink floral number
and he didn't want to be seen in it for some reason...


In Catholic circles, you are very likely to have heard of Distributism. If you haven't, you have now. It's hard to explain in modern political terms, especially in our 140 characters or less modern thinking, but this comes close. It's the best nutshell I've ever read about this fourth alternative to Socialism, Communism, and Capitalism. I don't know if Distributism can work in our modern and fallen world, but I find it interesting that it does not have the fatal flaw of the other three: the reduction of the human person to a mere economic unit.


The podcast has moved to a new time. It will now be back to it's original 9:00 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central time. This puts it after the kids' bedtimes, not during. We have needed to do this!

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Still no word on our foster care license. Our social worker was out on vacation and has piles of paperwork to slog through, ours included. I'm getting to the end of my patience, though. I used it all up on the delays in getting the house renovations in order. It doesn't help that I saw this movie and this headline in the last few days.

Children are waiting...maybe it's you they are waiting for. Consider adoption. Consider foster care.


  1. I have some friends who were put on hold for several months when trying to adopt because the child's social worker was on a power trip. Be thankful that you're dealing with someone who's just catching up on things and has not made your life miserable intentionally (the social worker even tried to ban the child's tutor from working with him at one point even though said tutor practically raised the child at the children's home--we're in serious need of adoption reform in this country).

    1. That is the worst. We have only had one run in with that sort of thing, just enough to make us incredibly thankful for the people we've been blessed to work with. I agree that reform is overdue!