Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

2012 was a bit of a disappointment. The Mayans, as it turns out, were unable to fathom a world without Twinkies and stopped the clock. Those of us who had Saturday chores to do were a bit let down to wake up on the 22nd and discover that we, indeed, had to go on. Yet, there was hope! As we faced another round of mopping and laundry, we took solace in the fact that no matter how bad thing got, we could still, for four more years at least, blame Bush.

Though we might prefer to leave 2012 well enough alone, it is tradition to revisit the most popular items of the year and crow. I'm looking back on the writing of this year and wondering what I was up to. I never revised a few lousy working titles and even forgot to title a post or two and here they are showing up on the year end list to mock me and my pretensions to adequacy. Indeed these were the best I could do.

Though the posts from The Wardrobe Project from 2011 still tops the all time list, this past year's popular posts were much more obviously Catholic/Christian Life in nature. Looking back on this top 10, you'd think I actually had a clue on what I was doing. In reality, I'm simply a louder than average muddler, muddling my way through things: I think with my mouth and with my keyboard and the Internet allows me the room to inflict it all on a larger audience than the six who usually have to suffer this fool.

Speaking of suffering, now seems like a good time to share the list of the most popular posts of 2012...


"Hosted This Week at Betty Beguiles"
Since this post never received a title, I'd better give it a bit of an explanation. It was a 7 Quick Takes that gained a bit of traffic because of a Pro-Life Letter to the Editor I wrote to my local paper.


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June 11, 2012



February 27, 2012
(a joke that explains why Thomas is my Confirmation saint)


The first podcast to make the list!

This Pro-Life piece was originally posted in 2011,
but it picked up a lot of steam after I reposted it this year.




Happy New Year to you all! I'll be back on schedule with the posts soon. 
Thank you for excusing me while I enjoy spending time with my family!

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