Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and All That!

Although it may seem like shameless self-promotion to post a list of my Top 10 posts for the year instead of a thoughtful list of resolutions, a poignant review of 2011's events, or an awesomely gruesome martyr to inspire you to buck-thyself-up-at-least-you-have-skin, I assure you the underlying sin here is Sloth and not Pride. It's 6 a.m., I have been up since 3, and I haven't had enough coffee yet to fully activate the Oh Whoot! It's New Year's Eve! portion of my brain. It is only mildly conscious of that fact and that I owe you, my faithful readers, something to read while avoiding the relentless sales ads and the weekend's To Do List. I am motivated just enough generate a paragraph and a few links. Please forgive me.

Bartholomew: Patron Saint of "It Could Be Worse"

Top 10 Garden of Holiness Posts for 2011
Compiled Entirely by Blogger
And Brought to You
With the Least Effort Humanly Possible
By Your Friendly Neighborhood Coffee Swiller

#10 A Challenge

But this kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting

#9 A Recipe! No kidding!

Heavenly Humbling Homemade Olive Oil Mayo

#8 Of Course Sex Makes the List
Make Love, Not Idols

#7 Judging is Fun! 

Secular judgmentalism! New and improved!

#6 A More Worldly Perspective

Population Control - The Kenyan (and Zimbabwean) Perspective

#5 Getting Our Girl On!
The Wardrobe Project: Shop For Your Pear Shape

#4 Teaching Social Skills
Shy or Stuck Up?

#3 Getting Girly Again! (Skip to #2, fellas)
The Wardrobe Project: Shop Your Hourglass

#2 Written by a Really Cool Guy
(Girls Allowed)

Guest Blogger: A Catholic Becomes Catholic


And the Big Surprise is...

Sex is #1!
Why Sex is Complicated

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  1. I will read them all.3 of the articles you cross-pollinated our blog with were among the 20 nominees for article of the year.

    In my humble opinion, this one was the best;