Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Official!

Merry Christmas to me!
This morning I got the Christmas gift I gave to myself. Four pounds! I had hit a plateau on weight loss and I made up my mind to be rigorous and gift myself with falling below that mark. I've done it! Over the course of this year, I've lost a whopping 27 pounds! The first 15 pounds were due to illness (when I get sick, it isn't pretty), but the last 12 have been by following The Light Weigh by Suzanne Fowler. We're between sessions right now, but I will be returning in February as part of my Lenten Practice this year.

I was inspired by the over 50 pound weight loss of my friend and neighbor. Her health and energy are so much improved. Every time I see her I smile. I keep telling her how incredibly cute she looks. I have another friend who just celebrated the Fourth Anniversary of loosing 100 pounds! (She blogs here.) With those kinds of friends, it's easy to be inspired!

So, part of all the fashion advice is due to research on the clothes I will have to buy in 2012 when I hit my maintenance weight. Meanwhile, if you see me around town in baggy clothes, it's reason to celebrate! I'm saving up for my real clothes!

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