Tuesday, December 4, 2012

But this kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting

Advent is sometimes called a mini-Lent. It is a time of fast and preparation. In that spirit, I invite you to join us this month to Fast for Life.

Originally Published on March 29, 2011
Fasting Once a Week 
for Life

We do not have an abortion facility here in Amarillo. What we have is a bus. This bus takes pregnant women down to Lubbock every Thursday and brings them back again after their abortions. It's a two hour trip down and an eternity back according to one woman who made that trip.

Her story inspired a small movement among those who cried with her through the retelling of her heartbreak. Two of us were there to hear her out and the two of us have resolved to fast and pray for women who suffer the choice of Abortion. Upwards of 64% of women who abort report being pressured into doing so. I invite you to imagine a world with better choices for women and their children. I invite you to join us in our fast.

My dear friend Rozanne, will be praying and fasting every Wednesday in order to open the hearts of these mothers to the alternatives to abortion. I will be praying and fasting every Friday to help heal the women who got on that bus because they felt they had no other choice. Our fast is simple: bread and broth for the day with a big serving of compassionate prayer. Pick your day, give God your intention, and join us.

Rozanne and I feel called to do this because we listened and heard first hand the story of one woman who felt she had no other choice. We heard the echo of countless voices crying out that they, too, had no choice. Rozanne and I are also Texans. Roe v. Wade was a Texas case. America's first abortuary opened in Dallas. Our state's legislature and judiciary first unleashed this devastation on the women of our country and we Texans who voted such people into power have a responsibility for the wounds inflicted upon our sisters in the name of Choice. Texas is acting. Texas is the state that has begun 40 Days for Life and we can do more. Will you join with two Texans in fasting and praying once a week for life? There are seven days in the week, pick any one.

Again, the fast is simple: bread, broth and prayer. If you can't fast from food, fast from something else (coffee, radio, Facebook). Help us spread the word. Join us. We can one day end the need for abortion facilities by providing more than just one choice.

To contact me: andychrism@yahoo.com


  1. That is a wonderful thing you are doing.

  2. Thanks, Mum. Every little bit helps, right?

  3. You should join up with:


    She and others, also from TX, fast every 1st Friday (which would be tomorrow) to end abortion. AS they say, "It started here - let it end here."

  4. Just contacted them! Thank you Adoro!

  5. Hi Christie! Definitely we need to join forces ... somehow ...

    Obviously linking and prayer together (virtually) are the first step. :-)

  6. We'll have to give it some thought Julie!

  7. Another home run. You sure are awesome

  8. You sure are making it difficult for me to earn that Most Humble Catholic Blogger Award. Dang it, I'm all puffed up again! Stop being so nice to me, SonlitKnight!