Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Homeschool Hostage Situation

Yesterday Mr. Baby got his first shots. This week we started homeschool. These two unrelated facts have collided in a very predictable manner today, though I managed to not see this one coming when scheduling the week.

The result is that I am trying to homeschool from the couch with a periodically screaming infant, two very jealous siblings who have decided to revert to earlier stages of development in a misapplied spirit of competition and sportsmanship, and the resulting attention span of a gnat. It has been one of those days where mommy is happy when only one maniacally angry little person is yelling at her.

"Oh good! We are learning to take turns!" I say with no discernible sarcasm whatsoever.

The baby has pinned me to the couch. "Tapping computer keys!" he screams. "You're thinking of getting up to go pee!" he wails. He can only sleep on my chest today. Not in his more portable baby sling, not on my lap, just on mommy's chest. Just like this.

It happens. Poor guy. It's the first time he's ever felt under the weather. Can't really blame the little tyrant for that.

I have a few more nerves left which means it's time for the older three to start guitar practice.


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