Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Maga and Paga: The Martins Go to the Fair!

September 19, 2011

Dear Maga and Paga,
I hope you are well. Give Cathy our best. We're doing just fine here! In fact, we went to the Tri-State Fair today and the kids wanted to tell you all about it. They are dictating to me their adventure! Enjoy...

Dear Maga and Paga,
I saw the animals. We went by the milk cows. We went to a farm show and I was on stage in the show. It was a magic show.  I got a gumball. I saw some horses. I saw grown up tigers and baby tigers. I saw big goats and baby goats. I saw a calf. Most of the baby goats were out of the cages. I saw enormous fans! There was only one baby goat in a cage. I got a pencil that can change its colors! And I also got a tiny pencil sharpener! I got paper bull ears! I got a small eraser! I got a coloring book with color pencils. We had a picnic! We got fruit flavored gummy faces! We brought cookies! The Ohmes' brought chicken! We brought Oreo! We brought sandwiches! We brought water. They were washing a cow. The end.
John (7)

Dear Maga and Paga,
My feet hurt cause I was too tired and too rough. I was too bratty and too sad (nu-uh!) and I was crying (not even once!). Well, not much. I won a crown and a book and nothing else and um...Goodbye! Well, I saw a camel. I saw some horsies and I sawed some dog. A little doggies. And I sawed the little goats. And I saw the horses. Then I saw some baby sheep. And I saw Simon in the parade. Yes, I did! (nu-uh!) Oh yes!
Sissy Lucia (4)

Dear Maga and Paga,
Um I ate some chicken and I ate some yummy happy things what were smushy and stick on my teeth. I said, "Little piggy! Little piggy!" with daddy when I got home.  I seen camels and the goats were bonking me on the horns and making me scratches and that was fun. I had lunch. Some cookies of sweet. And um...I don't know what I'm going to say. We look at stuff. We saw the magic tricks that disappeared with the egg and stuff. That's all I'm going to say, Momma.
I love and I have kisses and hugs and loving care and share for you,
Anna (5)

Dear Maga and Paga,
We saw a cow and he had a man with a he-haw boy (cowboy). He was washing the cow. He was saying, "Wash! Wash! Wash!" with the water! And it was a cow! And it was so funny! At the lunch after we go there I ate syrup (giggle). The big lion said, "Rawr!" and right in the little lions. The baby lions and the big lions. And he barked his face off! He said, "Blfkjkrlejkljj!" and he runned around. It was so funny!
Love and kisses,
Sylvia (3)
P.S. And he hopped, too! You forgot the hopping!

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  1. Oh great letter writing from them all. I bet Maga and paga live them.