Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am better at this now (I hope)

It wasn't more than a few weeks after my conversion from being an unrepentant heathen that my husband and I were treated to a homily about how we were to see Jesus in everyone we meet. Throughout the homily I doubtfully reviewed all the non-Jesus-like jerks I knew and wondered how this was even possible. My husband and I discussed it while threading through the post-Mass crowd. It became apparent that seeing Jesus-ness in others was second nature to him. I explained that I found people more annoying than Christlike, generally, and then he made the point that if I was redeemable, wasn't everyone? I didn't like the implications of that, but I had to concede his point. He suggested that it was their redeemability that I had to look for in order to see Jesus in anyone. Easy enough for him, I thought, as we made it to the car. I maneuvered to the driver's side purely because he'd out maneuvered me in logic. I shot him one of my patented "I'm done because you won this one" looks over the roof of the car before getting in. As was usual, traffic and people were swarming all over that parking lot. Just as I was to turn left into the main flow to the road, a little old lady in a baby blue Lincoln pulled out from a parking space and shot into the gap ahead of me. "JESUS!" I shouted, and then finished lamely, trying hard to recover from the preconversion habit of using His name as a swear word, "just cut me off..."

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