Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, America

Enjoy your day everyone. We Martins will be celebrating in the usual style of a parade and a cookout, followed by fireworks.

Our country is an on-going grand experiment. When it was founded, rights were recognized for the average white man. With time and after a little practice applying such a radical idea, those rights have gradually been extended and expanded to include all men and all women. That process has been painful, yet here we still are, imperfectly living up to our ideals.

I say "imperfectly" because we are all imperfect. We have room to improve individually and nationally. That is not a heresy, it is a mere fact of human nature and human institutions. Recognizing our national imperfections is akin to recognizing the flaws in yourself. A bit of healthy introspection is vital. Without it we become insufferable; with it, we maintain our checks and balances and progress along our way.

My favorite thing about us, being both an adopter and adopted myself, is that this country both adopts and births its citizens. It is one of the few countries that takes people in and calls them her own. You can be born in China and become an American. In reverse, you may become a citizen of China, but you will never be Chinese. There's something very satisfying about that.

So, all you Americans and all you who are not one yet, feel free to join the party.

Feel free.

There will be no podcast tonight. Go enjoy your day!

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