Friday, November 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes


Okay, inventors. Now's the time for that anti-virus program for families. Because now would be good. Or actually two or three days ago before we were infected (again) with the latest bug going around.

"Hi, honey! How was work? No, don't come in. Just...hang...on...while...I get this scan thingie going...There!...Aw, well, it looks like you're infected. Here take your dinner and sleep in the car until we can get you disinfected. Yeah, your immune system will take a few days to download the antivirus program and clear it out. You'll be fine. Yeah. Drink plenty of fluids out there. The hose isn't frozen yet. Warm spell. Yeah, so we're good here."

Before you hit that hate spam "Send" button, in real life I let him in the house. That's just the fantasy temptation I had while updating the anti-virus software for the computer. I gazed upon Frodo's ring...

"Love me and despair! Your germs have no welcome here!"


So we're all coming down with something here. Whoop-di-doodily-whoop, y'all! It's the weekend at the Martins!

You'll want to check out the image source for this pic: Duct Tape Your Sister to a Wall

You know it's true.

Well, the Dow is dropping. Employers are laying off employees again. "Hope it changes!"


Some of you have already heard me on this, but for those of you who haven't, read up before you complain to me about the Bishops and priests not doing their jobs before this election. Look at this graph.
Image Source: Pew Forum on Religious Life
As you can see, those who attend church regularly, voted for Romney. I'd say that is a clear indication that the message about conscience protections was delivered by the Bishops and the priests. Heard and understood. Good job, clergy.

Why didn't that message get out to the public square? Who's job is that, you ask? It's the laity's job. Yours and mine. The priests and the Bishops don't circulate much. We do. If the message was delivered from the pulpit, as this poll shows it was, and the message didn't get out as the election results shows that it wasn't, then this election was lost by us, folks. You and I sitting in the pews. It's time to quit complaining and start evangelizing.


The election is over, so now what? Wallow for a day or two and then get busy.

First task at hand? If you were blindsided by this election result, you need to add some friends to your Twitter and Facebook accounts: any one who disagrees with you. Quit preaching to the choir and quit being obnoxious in your debate style (note to self).  Dialogue doesn't mean dancing a victory dance over the grave of your Facebook thread after you have shut someone up. It means praying over each Tweet and post and swallowing your pride when the insults come. Turn that other cheek, keep your fingers off your keyboard while you do it, take a deep breath and an even deeper prayer and keep talking.

We are the New Evangelization.


Last thought on the election: Tuesday evening many of us were perfectly happy to do God's will. By 10 p.m. Eastern, many of us were not so happy. I've been asking myself this over the last few days, "Will you only be God's friend when it is easy or when His will is aligned with yours?" This has been my answer: our religion was born on a cross, nourished by the blood of martyrs, flourished in the catacombs, and I thought this was going to be easy?

His grace is sufficient.


We're good here!


  1. whoa. I was considering deleting all the people who couldn't stop whooping that 'their side won', but #5 gave me a whole new perspective.
    Get thee ready for holy bombardment, thou annoying peoplez on Facebook.

    1. I. Have. Unleashed. A MONSAAAAAHHHH!

    2. Forgot the *t. I have unleashed a *troll. MWAHAHAHA!