Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fr. Dwight Longenecker's New Blogroll is Up!

"One does not simply 'get' on a blogroll"
Father Longenecker posted his list of requirements today to earn a slot on his blogroll:

If your blog or the one you recommended isn’t there it’s not because it is not worthy, but because it wasn’t what I was looking for. What was I looking for? See below:

1. Non-Patheos – We must assume that the gang at Patheos Catholic are already wonderful bloggers (he said modestly) You can check out the other excellent blogs on Patheos by surfing the site.
2. Good Writing – What I’m looking for is wit, style, a sharp new angle. The new media must entertain as well as enlighten.
3. Personality – A blog is a personal journal. We want your particular and peculiar voice.
4. Regular Writing - A blogger has to post every day. Sorry!
5. Joie de Vivre - Joy of Life. I don’t care what your moans and groans are. I’m looking for someone with a merry eye and a spring in their step. If they have a moan I want it to be expressed with sarcasm, wit and a sense of proportion
6. Knowledge – we want information as well as insights
7. Conspiracy Theories – only when used as fodder for silliness…

If readers have other suggestions–entries to the combox please!

All I have to do is post daily because besides the worthiness, knowledge, good writing, and personality requirements, I got this list owned! Sloth (and actually getting recommended) is the only thing holding me back!

Image Source: Big Fat Greek Wedding
Of course, we may have to gussy up a little first.

I actually make a habit of reading Standing on My Head, but you know what I didn't find when I looked on MY blogroll? Yeah...fixing that!