Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Southern Gal's Mumble Rule Does Not Apply Here

Usually I can sit over here in my dusty little corner and mumble away about Catholicism and the New Evangelization without attracting too much attention--with the exception of my eight year old son. He is still impressed that I can write something that one can (theoretically) access on the Internet. I've got two more years of coolness on my mom meter by last count.

I thought my little joke yesterday would go under the radar. I thought I would simply point a few of my readers his way and manage to churn out an extra post this week in the same tongue in cheek fell swoop. I thought wrong. I found a comment on the post today and a nice message in my inbox from THE Father Dwight Longenecker himself. I also found myself on his blogroll!

Guess that means I've got some cleanup to do around here. "Grab that garbage sack, honey! We're getting company!"

Better yet, I'd better get some writing done...

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