Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Snake. In a Jar.

My husband found a snake. Instead of responding in a rational manner and smashing it to death with a hoe, he inexplicably placed it into the jar in the name of science.

The joys of homeschooling.

It is merely a garter snake. One of these....

"Is it a rattle snake?! Is it movaaahhhhAAAAhhhh!"

You can be all homeschoolish and read about it here. I had to look it up while it sized me up. It's beady little eye followed me as it flicked its tongue about trying to taste the air I breathed. At one point it uncoiled in my general direction. I shrilled a bit and sent the entire family, including my dad who was visiting, into gales of laughter.

In sympathy, four out of five Martin children dashed for the paper and crayons to draw the little demon snake and spend the next 20 minutes hissing at me from behind their papers.

"Look, mom! A snake! Scream AGAIN!"

Although the above article swears that they can be kept as pets, I proposed that we kill it. As a compromise it was released back into the wild. Two children and a cat all the way to the fence line.


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