Monday, April 12, 2010

Favorite New Blog

We in the Catholic Spectrum get a bit wearied with all the so-called Catholic (small p) popes who are actually (big p) Protestants with a poor sense of direction. Oh, hi, Bob. No, this is the Catholic Church. Bob's Church of He Was Only Talking Symbolically When He Said, "This Is My Body" is down the street and on the left. Only a Modern Man Catholic has the arrogance to think they can out-think Augustine and Aquinas without actually reading them.

Anywhoo, Cathy captured that irritation perfectly with the line "The Catholic Church is not a democracy. However, you have the right to go to Hell."

She had me at "hell"! Anyone who can be that funny when that ticked off is my kind of blogger. Check her out!

The Recovering Dissident

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