Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Time for Epic Parent Fails--Time-Out Edition!

The Official Disclaimer for Nana: No actual Martin was harmed in the making of this blog.

This is not a Martin.

Since it is always fun to learn from other people's mistakes, and since I'm a little desperate for material this week, I thought I might share with you some of my hard won insights into parenting. Yes, folks, I'm going to share with you the bad and the ugly.

It's time for Epic Parent Fails: Time-Out Edition!

Time outs are not complicated. They aren't even hard. So why, oh why, can't I get them right? Here are some real life Epic Parent Fails at my house.

When it's too short...
After wailing and moaning throughout the entire time-out the toddler says, "I happy!" the instant you relent.
Said toddler, after a serving hard time for hitting, says the obligatory, "I sorry," to her sister before popping her a fresh one.
When it's too long...
You discover after finishing up the lunch dishes that you've got two kids against the wall and you can't remember why.
A good sign you've not been keeping a close enough eye on the little felons...
You order one errant child into time-out and discover the other four standing against the wall when you turn around.
A sign that they eventually learn something...
In the girls' room all the baby dolls are lined up against the wall while two preschool mommies lecture about the kind of behavior they expect in their house. Within moments there is a "tearful" dolly reconcilliation scene worthy of the Hallmark Channel!
Your oldest transgressor marches himself off to his time-out spot while you are still mentally counting to 10.


  1. Ha ha - currently putting a 3 year old to bed without any supper for obstinately refusing to behave at the dinner table.

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