Friday, February 11, 2011

Parenting Fail: The Grammarian Edition

It's a bird! It's a plain plane!
It's Grammar Girl!
You know you have a serious issue with habitually correcting other people's grammar when your two-year old thinks this is funny.

Background: We undid the baby's braids last night and the baby had gone to bed with super curly hair. This morning mommy commented on the stick straight hair.

Mom: "Your hair isn't curly today."

Toddler: "Oh yes it are!"

Mom, correcting: "Oh yes it is."

Toddler, giggling: "Oh no it isn't!"


  1. lol. She had to contradict everything you said.

  2. Yes, @Mum2eight! Not noticing that point until afterward was part of the Parenting Fail!