Thursday, February 3, 2011

Milking at sub-Zero...

...has decided the issue: I don't like milk. At least not frozen milk. At least not after my hand froze to the splash of milk on the handle when I picked up the milk bucket without a glove. I guess that was my own fault really. Trying to rush the job before numbness set in.

It was cold enough that one of the eggs I collected froze in my pocket even with the hand warmers in there. Oh and by freezing I specifically mean it partially froze. You know, just enough to burst the shell and release a slurry-like yolky substance that still needs to thaw. I didn't mean to imply it was frozen solid. That would be exaggerating.

Still, sub-zero milking has some advantages. When else do you have the excuse to wear all your clothes at once? Yea, baby!

I've even got my jammies on under there!

Givin' a shout-out to all my fashionista farmer mommas out there!
Whoot whoot!

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