Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cooking in the Garden

Every home should be a garden where people grow (and since we're Christians, we're trying to grow more holy and all--hence the blog's title).

I grow in the kitchen. It takes patience to have helpers who spill with flair and stand right in the exact spot you need to be (even when they move). Since I am not a patient person--I think I was born tapping my foot--I need this kitchen with only one functional counter. Every time I don't give in to my impatience I am growing more patient. Every time we eat a less than stellar meal, we all grow in charity and perseverance. The kitchen is not just my family food center, it is the exercise of my will against my weaknesses, my creativity harnessed to the yoke of service, my...well. Yeah.

Every time I get really lofty thoughts about my role in the home, I lose my patience and grow in humility.

Here's Jeff Young, The Catholic Foodie, who said it way better.

The Best Kept Secret of the Kitchen

Cooking as a Charism
If you’re like me, family life in your home is usually hectic, especially at meal time. Or when preparing for meal time.
Goodness! There are days when we wonder how we are going to eat. There’s no one home to cook. And there’s no way we’re stopping for fast food (that’s anathema at our house). Those times make for late nights and rushed eating, sometimes even forgetting to bless our food before we eat. Not good.
Though the world often stresses us out with its unrelenting frenetic pace, the home - and especially the dinner table - should be a refuge, a place of peace and communion. But this is not always an easy task.
So, what’s a mom or dad to do?
Well, I would suggest prayer first. Can’t do anything without God’s grace! Beyond that, I suggest a modest change in perspective. What does that mean? It means we need to look at our work in the kitchen as a gift, an act of charity.

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  1. Great article.

    I actually started doing oamc when we started home school because it just meant I wasn't tied up in the kitchen everyday after school had finished.

    This year with a new baby in the house, I haven't been able to and we have had a lot of junk meals rather than meals cooked from scratch.

    I have got back into freezing meals this month but still all these suggestions are a great idea for me. I think I will be listening to some good music each Saturday when I prepare meals and it is a great idea to read the gospel readings each night before grace.

  2. (Just FYI everyone, OAMC is an acronym for Once a Month Cooking.)

    Mum, we're going through our music resources, too.

    I found cooking once a month exhausting with the special diets I had to account for. I had to make two versions of about half the dishes and found I was either cooking two days straight or 14 to 15 hours in a day. What I'm doing now is cooking enough for several meals at each go.

  3. I did that a lot too Christie. Thankfully our boys with diabetes eat the same things as us. As type 1's they don't have to have a special diet. We just need to make sure they have insulin for all carbs.

  4. Christie, thank you for this post! I am so blown away by the way that God uses us to do good and to inspire others... even when we don't see it happening! I mention this post and your blog on the latest episode of the Catholic Foodie. You can find it here:

  5. Thanks so much! I'm heading on over there!