Friday, January 28, 2011

This post brought to you by the letter...

...that is refusing to work on my keyboard. I think it has expired.

I've spent the day thinking profound thoughts like, "Should I dust more aggressively?" and "I think dust ate the little wires that reside under my missing letter for breakfast." and "I live in Texas, after all. We're known for our dust." Those are real, honest to goodness thoughts of mine. I also remembered that a few days ago I was airing out the house when a dust storm blew through. "That was probably it," I thought, "One last gasp or two for my beloved little letter and then kaput, it was a goner."

Now you know why I blog. It is to share the profundity. 

Yes, indeed.



So I guess I should get into town and peruse the aisles of the box stores looking for a deal on a keyboard. I'll probably meander along looking at a mouse with one button or iPads before I get the $12 board and meander home again. I have a weakness for gadgets, I must admit. Though I have relatively few of them thanks to my iron will (and wimpy wallet). 

I will have this fixed in a jiffy, I guarantee.  Even though on-line life has been interesting today, even though I found myself resorting to synonyms I'd forgotten I'd ever known, and even though it's been quite fun and a bit mentally stimulating to avoid, substitute, or rewrite around this little and relatively unsung letter, this letter is a part of me.

My name isn't the same without it.

And I kinda miss it.

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