Saturday, January 22, 2011

From over at What Does Mike Think?

Mike says...
I will pay for your abortion...

...but I won't support killing a unique human being. So if you can prove to me that what is inside you is not a unique human life I'd be happy to pay for the abortion. You must prove that it is:

  1. Not alive. That is, it doesn't require nourishment, grow (perform cellular reproduction) or exhibit other behavior of a living organism.
  2. Not human. That is, it belongs to another species.
  3. Not unique. That is, it is merely another part of your body. Its organs work for you. In other words, its heart is pumping your blood through your body, its brain is controlling your voluntary actions, its stomach is digesting your food.

And me?...
Let me just add, I'm not going to pay for a sexist attempt to render a woman sterile for the sole benefit of making her convenient and sexually available without consequence to the men in her life. Since the woman suffers the consequence of increased breast cancer risk, of grieving the loss of her child, and often the complications of her future fertility, too, the "abortion without consequence" really only applies to the man who, in our culture, is considered a gentleman if he hands her a couple of crumbled Franklins when he drops her off at the door to the clinic.

Abortion liberates men

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