Friday, January 7, 2011

Lisa Graas asks for clarity on questions I've wanted to know answers to...

Sarah Who?
It seems a Tweet from Palin's Twitter account on the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy got some people wondering who Sarah Palin is. What does she stand for? What are her issues? How would she vote on any given issue? Lisa Graas asks some pointed questions.
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My position on Sarah Palin is that I don't know her. What little I do know is this: she didn't finish what she started. It seems to me that she's after bigger game than whatever is currently in front of her. That, in turn, makes me wonder if she has anything to say to the issues dear to my heart. The more power hungry a politician is, the more slippery he or she tends to be. I just don't trust her. I was interested in McCain choosing her as a running mate at first, and then I lost interest completely when she bailed on her job--the governor gig.

I'm really not saying anything much about her views and positions on issues I care about because I can't. She's not done a whole lot of anything that I can point to, things like voting or writing position papers. What I do know is that she is likely not on the same page as I am on Immigration. Most Republicans aren't. Again, I have no proof, though, just from soundbites here and there. Nothing substantial.

There is less of substance on other important issues as well. Everyone assumes Palin is pro-life. Why is that?  Because she had a child with disabilities and hasn't pressured her own unwed daughter to abort? That's not much to go on. The voting record isn't there, nor has she written anything I've found. Anybody know of anything? Has she clarified her position somehow, somewhere? If not, why keep it vague?

I've had these misgivings about her since the elections. I'm glad to see I'm not alone...

Lisa Graas asks for clarity... (link to article)

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