Friday, June 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes--The Dusting and Hot Air Edition

Jennifer Fulwiler
Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler, a fellow Texan, for hosting
7 Quick Takes Friday 

1--We are meeting the Adoption Worker for the first time today. For all my new readers (hi there!), we have 5 children. A few by birth, one by adoption, and one foster baby who is now to be ours by adoption. We're excited. I'm also dusting.

2--As it seems like the number of people popping over to take a look into this little blog is now more in one day than the number of people who read it the whole first year, I promise not to let it all go to my head. Not to worry, my Guardian Angel has a pin to pop any sudden outcrops of hot air.

3--Did I mention the dusting? I'm so nervous this time. I've been through one adoption, three births, and 10 foster children already. You'd think I'd be a pro at all this parenting stuff by now. Is there such a thing?

4--fidget, fidget, fidget

5--Blogging is taking a tremendous act of the will at the moment. I'd much rather run the vacuum, but I'm determined that this will help soothe the nerves.

6--I'm not usually a nervous person. Usually I'm a bossy person. Calmer and bossier.

7--Can you all pray for a retreat going on in Amarillo this weekend? "Would you mind?" she asked trying hard to not appear bossy.

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