Friday, June 17, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Do I look like a lollipop to you, skunk?
1- A skunk has been killing my chickens and only eating their heads. Apparently, when skunks go bad, this is what they do; they gnaw off the heads of chickens. Until we found the strangely disfigured corpses and mentioned it to neighbors we had no idea it was a skunk. We thought it was aliens. We are in Texas, after the in a trailer. You know...bait.

2 - Have you wondered where all the Cheesy Posts have gone? They've temporarily dried up: the goats, I mean. Those girls were supposed to have been bred and kidded this winter, consequently producing tons of milk this summer. That deal fell through. By the time we got them *ahem* taken care of this spring we were in the middle of a nasty drought and had to dry them up earlier than planned. So, we've not had extra milk for a year. The last really good cheese I made was the March before last. *gasp!* I've been contenting myself with ricotta and yogurt, a bit of mozzarella here and there. I miss being cheesy.

3 - I have not had to mow this year partly because we've been putting the goats on tie outs to eat the weeds and partly because nothing is growing out there in this relentless, arid heat. Saint Isidore, pray for us?

4 - Necessity is the mother of invention, so I thought I'd cue you in on how a great idea gets born on the farm. I'm blogging, stuck on number 4 of 7, wondering if I should mention the drought again. Maybe I could attempt a lame joke or even two and knock out number 5 while I'm at it: The drought was so bad I put the potatoes in with the flower garden to save on water. The whole too-lazy-to-dig-in-another-spot-thing hardly factored into it at all or maybe One of these days it'll rain and I can stop thinking up stuff like dumping my dishwater on my potato plants. Wait I use a dishpan; I could actually do that.<---that's it!

5 - My inner grammarian insists that you notice the suave use of complicated punctuation throughout this post. Can you see a semi-colon up there in the last sentence? There's not a parenthesis anywhere NEAR it. Now that's cool!

6 - My inner geek used up all of her exercise time looking up funny grammar and punctuation cartoons on the internet. Oh the things I sacrifice to be a good blogger for you. None of them were funny enough, sadly, but it wasn't an entire waste of time. At least I didn't have to think of an excuse not to exercise. ;)

7 - I did some housecleaning on the blog last night. The sidebar is now in better shape. Checketh thou it out!

Jennifer Fulwiler
Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler, a fellow Texan, for hosting
7 Quick Takes Friday 

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